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Planned Giving
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Why the Catholic Foundation?

We are different. We are Catholic.

As a community foundation for Catholics, we help individuals and families pass along their faith, heritage and values for future generations. The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia serves as a catalyst for helping Catholics make a lasting difference.

  • We are Catholic. We understand the stewardship and spirituality of the Catholic heritage. We understand and respect your desire to support the Church, and provide a legacy of faith for future generations. The Catholic Foundation encourages Catholic giving – for a variety of causes and needs throughout our archdiocese.
  • We provide professional planned giving services for all levels of givers. The Foundation assists any parishioners with planning gifts in their wills or estate plans, even those who do not consider themselves wealthy or philanthropists. We also serve those who have been blessed with greater assets and wealth.
  • We are managed by an independent Board of Directors – including lay leaders, clergy, and the Archbishop – that ensures professional investment management of the funds. Funds are invested to preserve and grow them in the long-term, in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.
  • We protect your intent as a donor forever. We provide professional administration to ensure timely reporting and compliance with all legal requirements.
  • We build up the Church in The Archdiocese of Atlanta through providing grants that impact our local community. Grants and distributions are awarded to organizations in conformity with Catholic teaching.

If you are thinking of leaving a legacy – a gift that lasts forever – be assured that the Catholic Foundation will handle it in a manner consistent with your Catholic values and wishes.

"The Archbishop told us about the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia. My wife and I chose the Catholic Foundation to act as the manager for our bequest to Catholic Charities Atlanta, realizing the large and ever-growing experience the Catholic Foundation has in managing bequests to Catholic (and other) organizations. We know it would manage our bequest to provide benefits as directed to Catholic Charities exclusively."
– an Anonymous Donor